Mar 17, 2013

The Pickline Is Removed

Mary came to see Hajime on Thursday.
We had never taken a picture of Mary until now, but today she let me take one.

I feel calm just by looking at Mary's face.
She is truly a vital part of Hajime's care.

This time, we talked about many things and then she removed his pickline and checked a lot of things.

The pickline had been difficult to insert, but taking it out was very fast.

Mary is holding the pickline.  I was amazed at how something this long could have been inside Hajime from his arm to an area near his lungs.

They thought it should be removed as soon as possible because the risk of infection increases the longer you leave it in.   And so they decided to take it out today.

Hajime is thinking about having a new pickline put in,  but they said that it wasn't good to just put in a pickline if he didn't have an infection.
That could actually increase the possibility of an infection.  So they decided that if he came down with an infection and needed an IV later,  they would make an appointment and put the pickline in at that time.

But, to tell you the truth, I am worried.

(Translated by MS)

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