Apr 3, 2013

Water Is Collecting

Hajime's runny nose has been very heavy the past few days.

The doctor came last week and prescribed allergy medication, but it has not helped him at all.
I'm wondering if maybe it is not allergies.

His runny nose is sometimes clear and sometimes green.  Why is that?  I guess there are so many things that even doctors don't know.
I hope that his runny nose problem will be solved soon.

Last Saturday, they replaced his trache and the respirator circuit, but it looks like water is collecting inside the circuit (tube) when they replaced it.  That is why the title volume decreases and the alarm keeps going off.

It happened early yesterday morning and this morning.  No one knows why water tends to collect when they replace the tube.
It's attached to a heater.  If we leave it,  it should completely dry up.  The water drops are collecting in the tube because of the heater.  When there is a certain amount of water in the tube, the alarm goes off.

I wonder if people in Japan can change something like this on their own?

The fact that neither the day nurse nor the night nurse understands this problem is another issue.  They don't know why the alarm goes off.  I wish that they would put a little more focus into their work.

(Translated by MS)

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