Mar 19, 2013

Is It Going to Get Worse from Here On?

Thankfully, Hajime has been stable recently.

Our current caregiver has been getting worse lately.  
At the beginning, she tried very hard to communicate with Hajime, but now it seems like it's a hassle for her to record Hajime's words.  (As you may remember, she has to input each letter of the alphabet one by one as he gives them to her, so it takes a long time).  Now she just says,
"YouTube from 2:00!" and doesn't try to record the words Hajime is indicating to her.  At other times, she doesn't try to ask him what he wants to watch on TV.

We haven't actually seen this happen so we can't say anything to her.  But my husband and I have seen her yawning right in front of Hajime, so we reprimanded her about that.  Her yawning was too much.

And then this happened today.
Hajime cannot move his legs (on his own), so we have to move them at regular intervals.  We lay them down in one direction or another or lay them straight out.
When she had to bend his legs, she used to bend them in a natural position, but please take a look at this photo.

You can see that his legs are completely folded and bent.  This is not the way Hajime wanted his legs to be moved.  It was just her arbitrary decision to do this.

She also did not fold his pillow in half all the way...

I often read Genzo's blog.

Everyone who is involved in his care is amazing.
They not only take complete care of him, they are also completely in tune with his thinking.  
The difference between Hajime's caregiver and the Japanese caregivers is glaring.
I think that Japan is better in this area.
And they're very courteous and thorough.

Our caregiver is now in her third month.  It is going to be a problem if she continues to get worse instead of improve.

(Translated by MS)

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