Feb 21, 2013

Trying Curry

My friends recently opened a restaurant called VegiLicious, so I gave Hajime a bit of curry, the featured dish of the restaurant.

During the day, he had been saying, "I don't want any", but at night he said, "I want some ".  So I immediately got everything ready and gave him the curry through his G-tube.  Of course, he could smell the curry too, and when I asked him,  "Is it good?" he answered, "It's good".  It looked like he was really happy.

From the time right before he was hospitalized until now, we had never given him anything besides (canned) liquid food and not anything that we would eat.
So it was the first time in almost two years that he had food in his stomach.

I am grateful to my friends, a husband and wife, who allowed us to have this moment.

Their VegiLicious restaurant uses all natural vegetables with no additives at all.
Everything tastes good, and the the atmosphere in the restaurant is just wonderful.
Please be sure to go check it out.
You will enjoy eating there.

(translated by MS)

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