Feb 15, 2013

Hajime Is Doing Well

The past few days Hajime has not had any particular issues and is doing well.

Today was Mary's day to visit.
But Hajime said that he was depressed.
It was after his bed bath, and he seemed to be in a little bit of pain.  He seemed upset.
When I saw how Hajime expressed his anger with his big eyes, I actually felt relieved that Hajime even had the energy to get mad.
But, of course, I needed to hear him out.

Until now, Hajime had not been able to communicate with us well.  But recently, he has started to want to talk to us more, and so we have been able to find out his feelings in his own words.
Until now, it took a long time for him to communicate anything, partly because he was trying to express himself in sentences. He would get tired, and the conversation didn't progress very much.
But now, he just tells us words, so everything goes more quickly, and we can find out what he's feeling.

When I see Hajime in good spirits, I also cheer up.  I should be the one giving him encouragement, but actually I'm getting it from him.  It's a little embarrassing, but I am happy.

(translated by MS)

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