Feb 19, 2013

Animals Can Help Lift Spirits

Hajime is very calm now but his energy level is not quite right.

Recently, he has been asking for Mint a lot.  "Can you bring Mint over?" he says.
Mint has had a hard time getting used to Hajime because he doesn't move.  Whenever we leave Hajime's bedside, Mint wants to leave.

But today, I laid Mint on top of Hajime's stomach, and I sat there next to Mint and pretended to be asleep.  I started to feel really good and happy and...whew! Mint calmed down and fell asleep.

When I asked Hajime, "Are you warm enough?" he answered yes.  When I said, "Mint makes you feel better, doesn't he?" he replied yes again.
It was at that moment that I realized that Mint was helping Hajime.
Mint has nice smooth hair, so when I let Hajime touch Mint with his hand, it looked like it felt really good to him.

Animals really do have a healing effect.

(translated by MS)

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