Jan 8, 2013

The Toy He Wants

Quite a few days have passed since New Year's Day.
Hajime is doing well.

But, recently, the color (of the secretion) and odor around his trache is not good again. So we had to take another sample and turn it in to the lab.
If they find an infection again, we will have to give him antibiotics, so that is another thing to worry about.

Hajime has been into Nerf guns recently, so he's been watching a lot of YouTube about them.  And it seems like there is a particular model that he wants, so he has been telling us with the search screen to hurry up and get it for him.

This YouTube search screen that uses the XBox has been extremely helpful in our communication with him.  Our current day nurse has been talking to Hajime using this search screen.  He is able to express his feelings.  He tells us what he wants us to do or how he did not like something.  I am so happy we can do this.
It is extremely important that Hajime be able to express his feelings and his wishes.  This was possible thanks to our day nurse.

Tomorrow, the 8th, is Hajime's 20th birthday.
But my husband will be busy all day at a conference, so we are planning to have his birthday party on Saturday, the 12th.  It will be at our house and open to everyone.  We would love to have you come and wish Hajime a Happy Birthday, so if you have a chance, please come anytime from noon until nighttime.
I will post our address and other information, so please don't hesitate and drop by!

(translated by MS)

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