Jan 10, 2013

His 20th Birthday

Yesterday, the 8th, was his 20th birthday.
We said, "Happy Birthday!" starting from the morning, and he seemed happy.
When I see his happy face, it makes me feel happy too.

For his birthday, we gave him the toy that he has been wanting.

Ryo tried it out for him, and then he let Hajime hold it and shoot it.  Hajime was surprised at how powerful it was when he shot it.

On Hajime's Facebook, 136 people sent him birthday greetings.  I had 37 messages on my Facebook too.  I realized that we are loved by many people.

This is a just a sample of what we received...

I think many people will be sending you good wishes.   I pray that they will all reach you, Hajime!
Hajime, Happy Birthday.  I hope this year will be a peaceful one.
Happy Birthday!  I hope you will always be surrounded by smiling faces this year!
Yay!  Happy Birthday!  I'm sure there will be a miracle!  I believe and I'm praying!
May he have many, many more happy birthdays.
Oh, so many good wishes and such gratitude for all Hajime has done for us.
Happy Birthday, Hajime! :)  Hope you're faring well. God bless!
Happy Birthday, Hajime!  We are all thinking of you every day! :)

I am very grateful for the many messages.
Thank you!

(translated by MS)

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