Jan 25, 2013

I Want to See This

It is very difficult to communicate with Hajime.
But our day nurse works so hard at it with Hajime that we are humbled!

It seems that Hajime even jokes around once in a while.  It is important to be able to express your complaints or your thoughts.

I received one such message from Hajime.
He "said", "Ultraman is t..."  I asked him questions along those lines such as, "Do you want to watch Ultraman Tiga?" but I finally figured out
that he meant

Ultraman is on UTB tonight at 9...

I think he saw a commercial for the program when he was watching UTB.  They're showing Ultraman Dyna on UTB now, so he
wanted to tell us that he wanted to watch it.

I think it's a very good thing that Hajime still feels like watching something, anything.

At that moment, I thought that Hajime is still a child at heart.

(translated by MS)

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