Jan 16, 2013

Sad News

I have some sad news today.
Hajime's eyes won't open anymore.
His eyes were open until late at night on the day of his birthday party...

The next day (Sunday), I was thinking he sure is sleeping a lot.
That wasn't surprising.  I thought he must be tired from his party, so I let him sleep quietly.
But he wouldn't wake up on Monday either.  I thought this was strange, so I spoke to him.  But there was no response.
I rushed to take his vitals, but everything was normal.
Then it occurred to me, and I opened Hajime's eyes with my fingers.
His eyes moved normally.
I asked him, "You can't open your eyes by yourself?" and he replied no.

The time had finally come.
Totally Locked In State
The day that we had feared came.
There is nothing we can do but pray...that he is just tired, so with a little more time, he will open his eyes again.
Please pray for us too.

Even his younger brother Ryo was crying today.  My husband and I had been holding back our tears, but when we saw Ryo crying,
we started crying too.
But I'm glad that he was able to enjoy the birthday party.
And I'm glad I was able to show him the planetarium that day.

(translated by MS)

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