Jan 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

This past year, many people read this blog and many also gave me feedback.  I am deeply grateful.
Please also continue to remember us this year.

So many things happened last year.
Last New Year's, Hajime had been released from the hospital just a few months before, so we were still getting used to a lot of things.  We did not have a nurse, so I think my husband and I were physically and mentally tired from taking care of him by ourselves.
I remember feeling disappointed when I went to a Japanese store to buy New Year's food, and there was hardly anything left.

So this year, thanks to all of you, we were able to have a good New Year's Day.  The nurse took a day off, so we were relax with just our family.

Hajime watched the Rose Parade telecast over and over.  He was also able to see his favorite B2 Bombers on TV.
Lately, Hajime has not wanted the curtains opened, so I asked him if he was feeling down about something.
When he was still healthy, he used to watch the Rose Parade every year.
But now, when his younger brother Ryo talks about going to the parade,  all Hajime can do is wish he could go too.  I think that is why he was a little depressed.
I think he starts thinking and remembering when he sees the broadcast.
I think he has some strong feelings about how he used to spend time together with everyone at church.

It is hard to realize these things.
He knows that he can't participate in the activities that normal kids his age can, and he still feels some longing for those times when he was able to.

Holidays are fun for healthy people, but they are complicated for people like Hajime who cannot move or eat or speak.

We are looking forward to the day that God will allow Hajime to have a real holiday.

(translated by MS)

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