Jan 27, 2013

He May Have Built Up a Resistance

Hajime can now open his eyes this big.
It is really amazing.  It's all because of his efforts.

His secretion is still a greenish dark brown color.
He has been taking antibiotics for a week.
Sometimes his runny nose is very heavy and green.  But it is not constantly runny.
He may have built up a resistance to the antibiotics.
I worry that he may develop pneumonia.

Nowadays, there are many people with colds.  His younger sister Yuki had a sore throat with a fever until last night.  I hope he doesn't catch her cold.
I'm not feeling right either.  I have a sore throat too.

Well, I think we will just have to be good about washing our hands, gargling, and using hand sanitizers.

(translated by MS)

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