Oct 2, 2013

Settled at Home

Some time has passed since Hajime has been discharged from the hospital, and Hajime's condition is stable. Hajime's excretory system is not working well, and I am concerned about the dehydration. His blood pressure is a bit on the low side, and his heart rate is stable. I think Hajime is more stable at home than when he was in the hospital.

However, Hajime is now experiencing a total Locked-in Syndrome where he is no longer able to move his eyes to establish communication. I look for the subtle movements in his eyes to verify his intentions, but there is a limit to how well I can understand him now. Also, Hajime seems to be having more difficulties watching TV. I recently started playing some of Hajime's favorite songs.

Hajime is not ready to go on an outing for the possibility that he might catch some bugs. This has to be Hajime's most challenging time, both physically and emotionally. I would appreciate everyone's continued encouragements.

Thank you all very much for your prayers for Hajime.

(translated by JK)


  1. Hello Hozue. i'm glad visit your blog, your video about Hajime guide me to visit here. i'm sorry about Hajime's condition. I wish he always can keep fight in his life. I know ALS is progressive disease, more worse.

    Thanks you for share it in your video and blog.

  2. Thank you for your post. Merry Christmas.