Oct 8, 2013

All the Worries

Hajime has been doing quite well.

I was trying to discontinue Hajime's eye drop applications, but since Hajime developed bloodshot eyes, I could not stop. His moisture chamber application to his eyes are also being continued.
Unfortunately, his palliative care nurse has been out for the last few weeks, and it is uncertain when the nurse will be coming back. As a result, I have a lot of difficulties, having nobody to respond to many of the concerns that I have.

Today is the start of a new week, and I was looking forward to Hajime's blood test but found out that there is bloody dark colored urine output. Now, it is my concern that he might be experiencing dehydration once again. Hajime's sodium level has not been normal either. Hajime's hand is also edematic. I feel that there are a number of increasing worries and issues about Hajime.

Hajime hadn't been able to use his Brainfingers interface for a while, but we recently received a laptop from an individual who donated it to us. Hajime, then, started using Brainfinger again, and he enjoyed playing his favorite PongGame. Hajime also practiced expressing “Yes” or “No” with my encouragement, but he seems to tire quickly due to the fact that his eyes do not work as well as they used to. I want to work with him, with this exercise, little by little.

I'm attaching today's photo of Hajime here.

(translated by JK)

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