Oct 23, 2013

Sad Face

Every time I update Hajime's blog, I feel somewhat of an emptiness.

Hajime hasn't change in terms of having no movement of his eyes. The eyelids are always opened and his eyes are centered and still, and I'm seeing some redness and swelling in the white of the eyes. We keep applying Refresh to his eyes, but the problem persists.

His infection appears to have improved quite a bit, but we are concerned about the copious amount of secretions he has still.

Please take a look at the picture below.


  1. Will Hajime respond if you play back a recording of his own voice, taped when he was well? God bless all of you. You have been extremely attentive and loving. Hajime is truly blessed! He could not have been given a greater earthly family!

  2. Please update. Thank you.