Apr 30, 2013

Treating My Children Fairly

Recently, Hajime has been having a hard time emotionally.
There is nothing on TV that he wants to see, and there is nothing else he can do.
He seems to dislike being read to or listening to music.
So during the day, he just lies in bed staring at the ceiling.

Caring for someone is not just taking care of his physical needs, but also handling his activities and emotional issues.  But I have the feeling that I am not doing those things.  I am so disappointed in myself...

Recently, he has been having a lot of trouble moving his eyes, and now he is unable to move them.
It seems that when he consciously tries to move his eyes to the right or to the left,  he strains his eyes and they don't move well.
So it is very difficult to communicate with Hajime.
Even if we use the message board, he needs to take a lot of breaks before he can get the message done, so it takes almost an hour.

Because we do have other children, things often get a bit difficult.  I end up putting Hajime's needs first. Then I make my youngest child feel neglected.  But I am trying to pay more attention to my other children.  Especially when my husband is at home.

I do want to treat all my children fairly...

(Translated by MS)


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