Apr 10, 2013

Summer Will Be Hard

Today I updated my English blog.  I was behind.
It was a good opportunity to look back and think back on this and that.

The past few days, we have had flies in the house, and we're having a hard time getting rid of them.
And yesterday there was one on Hajime's face.  I can't always be watching his face and I feel so sorry for him (when this happens), so when I see a fly near Hajime, I am frantic to get it.  Hajime can't do anything so he can't even shoo a fly away.  I really feel sorry for him.

Hajime's room is really bad, because in the summer it is hot and there are bugs.  We don't know what to do because there is nowhere else to move him.  In the winter, it is OK.  I want our home to be the best place for Hajime to be.  I have to at least be watching for bugs.

A few weeks ago, we had a big problem with termites.  Luckily, there were none on his bed, so all we had to do was get rid of the termites on the floor.  It turns out that there are termites under the house, so that will be taken care of sometime this week.

Bugs are really terrible.  Hajime hates bugs, so I am obsessed (to keep them away).

(Translated by MS)

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