Jun 13, 2013

Tremendous love

Today is very important day for my husband.
Today is his birthday and also one-year anniversary of his spacecraft launch.
Today is also a day that two doctors, nurse and social worker come to our house to discuss about the pass forward plan for Hajime’s care. In other words, they wanted to discuss about any wishes of care including withdrawing the life support system, if Hajime’s eyes doesn’t move and not able to communicate anymore. It is such a heart breaking topics we need to discuss.

The day before this, we had a family counseling. This time, all of us wrote a letter to Hajime and read it to him out loud.

Here is my letter.

Dear Hajime,

No matter what happen even you could not see us anymore, our love will not goanna change at all. I’m so sorry that you have to be in the bed all the time lonely. All of us are thinking about you all the time.
Thank you for always caring our family.
I can see your smile.
Without any words, I can feel your thoughts.
You always make us happy and giving us strength.
You are so miracle child.

Some day, your eyes might close and won’t open. Some day, your eyes might not move and not able to communicate with us. But no matter what happen, I am always with you.
You might need to walk in the dark alone. But please listen to your heart.
We are always together.

Your Mom


It was very hard for me to read this letter without crying.
After all of us read their letters, Hajime told us that he want to say something back. He put together a letter to make a sentence which was,,,,

Happy Birthday Dad

It was so touching. How thoughtful, he is.
He is facing most difficult moment but yet he wants to cheer us and want to celebrate his father more than anybody.
All of us could not help to hold their tears. Thank you Hajime.

I can't express how much you have been helping us, yet we suppose to help you.
God bless.

(Translated by HM)

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