Apr 23, 2013

Stephen Hawking Lecture

Last Tuesday, Stephen Hawking gave a lecture at the university where my husband works.  This was a valuable opportunity for Hajime, so he went with my husband.  Only one guest was allowed per person with a university ID, so unfortunately I had to wait in the car in the parking lot.

Even with ALS, Stephen is continuing his research.

It was amazing how he was able to input one letter per minute on his PC.  It was also great that he could speak about the origins of the universe in front of so many people...
It made me think how great it would be if Hajime had his energy...

The lecture was an hour and a half long, so I was relieved that Hajime managed to hear the whole thing.  Something was wrong with his suction machine at the beginning and he couldn't suction, but somehow he made it through to the end.

I think it was a very valuable experience for him.
But part of Hajime didn't even want to go.

(Translated by MS)

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