Dec 17, 2012

The New Nurse

Hajime had to start antibiotics again.  He's been taking antibiotics since last week.
He has a runny nose but no fever, so I'm wondering if he really needs to take antibiotics.
We have to think carefully because he can only endure so much.

Our new weekend nurse started yesterday.
She seems like a sweet person, but no matter how many times I explained what she has to do, she can't remember and keeps making the same mistakes.

For Hajime, the respirator is the most important thing.  It will be a problem if she can't remember what she needs to know about it.
She only comes on the weekends, so she may forget after a week...

My husband and I are a bit worried.

To change the subject,  I have received many messages of encouragement.  I am grateful to all of you for always being so concerned for our family.

(translated by MS)

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