Dec 24, 2012

A Casual Word

Someone told me something that made me very happy.
He is someone that I've recently gotten to know.
He said that he hadn't read much of my blog about Hajime before.
But he is starting to read it now little by little.

He says he wants to do something for Hajime, but first he has to meet him!
It makes me so happy to hear words like this.

I think it's hard for someone living a normal life to understand how hard Hajime is fighting to live.

Normal people have five senses, but Hajime cannot move or speak at all, so he can't communicate anything he wants to say.  He can't eat.  The only thing he can do is watch TV.  That is his life forever.

I can't say anything to people who tell Hajime, "You'll be fine for sure", and never come back to visit.  This is what Hajime hates the most--to be told things like this.  It makes him feel hopeless.

I am bothered by all kinds of things, but I can take being criticized.
What I cannot take is being told things about Hajime.
I struggle with these feelings every day, but I received this message from my friend and it made me very happy.

Thank you so much!

(translated by MS)

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