Dec 20, 2012

A Busy Afternoon

We had a very busy afternoon yesterday.

First, his friends Lia, Catherine, and Helen came over after 1:00pm.

They are all home on winter break and they looked great.  They read the Bible to us.  Thank you, everyone.

Then at 2:00pm,  Rev. Sasaki, Rev. Fuchino, and Shoko came.    (I'm sorry the picture is out of focus).

This time, they sang Hajime's favorite praise songs for him.

After that, they prayed for him.
Thank you so much for coming to pray for us.  Hajime and I both feel uplifted.

And, at 3:00pm, we gave him a bed bath...

His younger brother Ryo came home, and then his younger sister Yuki came home...
So it was a busy afternoon.
But we hadn't seen these visitors in a while, so I think Hajime was happy.

(translated by MS)

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