Dec 8, 2012

His Pupils and Eyelids

Recently, some friends that I haven't seen in a long time told me, "I've been worried about you", and I felt really happy.
When I'm blogging, I hear all kinds of opinions from people.  Sometimes they get me down and sometimes they lift me up.
Thank you for everything.

Hajime is having a much harder time trying to move his eyes.  We almost can't tell the difference between yes and no, and it takes him a long time to give a response.
That's because his pupils can't stay fixed and when he tries to move them, his eyelids close.  It takes him a long time to answer.

Mary came to visit yesterday.  Hajime's eyes were red from crying just then.
We had been giving him a bed bath before Mary came, but I think he was upset about something that happened during the bath.
It looked like Hajime was trying to tell Mary about it, and it was taking him a very long time to explain.

At these times, we worry about Mary, but she listened patiently to Hajime without concern for the time.
What happened was that the day nurse hurt Hajime when she was wiping his legs and that really bothered him.

It is also becoming quite difficult for him to communicate with his eyes, so I am very worried.  It seems that Hajime is able to understand what might happen in the future, and so he is feeling more and more depressed.  It looks like he isn't sleeping very well at night, so Mary said to give him a little something to stabilize him.

Hajime's grandmother and others are supposed to come visit early next year, so I hope Hajime can hang on until then...

(translated by MS)

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  1. Please tell Hajime hey for me, and I am keeping him in my prayers:) Take care of yourself too.