Mar 15, 2011

Worry Before The Surgery

Hajime will have a surgery to have a gastrostomy tube in.
The date is coming closer and it is on this Thursday.
I have complicated feelings myself.

Hajime seems to be very worried.
He told me, "Mom, I am worried."
He is scared and afraid to have something different inside his body.
As a teenager, he does not like it al all.

He looses one ability to another.
So many changes occur everyday.
His heart cannot keep up with all these changes…
I think it is very hard.

Everyday it is harder for him to speak.
Eating is getting more difficult, too.
Drinking is no exception.
He has been choked up so many times these days.

God, please be with him always,
and heal his heart.

Translated by Ai Hongo

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