Mar 20, 2011

Difficult Days

It was only a brief moment of relief that his surgery went well.
Hajime's heart was broken.
We had never seen him so depressed.

His wound hurt after his surgery.
He could not accept the fact that he had a tube inside his stomach.
He could not talk when he had so much sorrow and anger to express.

His heart was attached by non-stop depression.

He wanted to cry but he thought he should not,
so that he try not to voice his feelings.

Hajime was trembling…
having frustrated anger.
He let his voice out.
(We could not understand him as we could not catch his words.)

However, I was happy to see him expressing himself.
It would be harder for him, if he could not express his anger.
I told him, "It is OK to express your honest feelings."
He must have sufferings we cannot imagine.

It has been very difficult after the surgery.
He has been getting himself back togther since yesterday.
He shows his smiles today.

You do not have to be good all the time…
I wish him so…

Translated by Ai Hongo

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