Mar 24, 2011

His favorite stew

Feeding tube…He is getting used to it.
At first he spit some drinks and got his hands dirty,
but he can do it without getting dirty now.

Hajime does not get hungry, maybe because of this feeding tube.
So, if he wants to eat from his mouth,
he skips one drink from his feeding tube.
However, yesterday his father made his favorite stew,
he could eat only so little.

He has been asking me to make stew as he wanted to have some stew,
but I didn't.
Because of me, he could not have some stew anymore…

I was tortured by a guilty conscience.
I would say I am sorry but it is too late.
I was very happy he could eat at least one bite.

In this way, his illness progresses day by day.
I am determined to value everyday,
so that I would have no regrets.

Translated by Ai Hongo

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