Oct 5, 2014

Heaven's door

Hajime is having a fever for a while and his digestion become weak. Doctor think his body is shutting down and told us a very difficult prognosis last week. This time, we decide to take care time at home and not send back to hospital because that is what he wish for.

We know Hajime is stronger than what doctor think and we always believe a miracle but just in case, we asked our friends that if any are planning to visit Hajime then don’t wait and sooner is better.

Since them, we had a lot of visits. With so many warm visitors and prayers, although his fever still continues, I think Hajime’s condition seems slightly better.

We could not able to tell Hajime’s condition to his brother and sister. Even we have not told his brother Ryo, he seems to sensed something is wrong and told us that he is having a fear and it is getting bigger and bigger lately.

Hajime’s sister Yuki also sensed something, probably because we are having so many visitors to see Hajime lately. She got worried too and asked her dad, ‘what is going on to Hajime?’ He just told that he is having a fever and not able to digest a nutrition but could not explain what that exactly means.

Soon after, she also found a little brochure “A Guide to Death and Dying” which we got from our social worker. She asked to her dad again, ‘Is Hajime dying?’ He tells Yuki what doctor think and we just need to be prepared. Then, she replied to dad  ‘Even if he died, he will be able to go better place than now. He will have an eternal life’. We just don't know how she learns such kind of thing but we were very impressed. We did not know how much her faith grown as Christian.

While I was praying the other day, I had a vision that Hajime was standing in front of golden shinning door. Jesus was also there and holds Hajime’s hand. Hajime was wearing a black outfit and looking back to us. Looks like he was wondering.

I felt whatever happens to Hajime, it will be best for him.

I wish that many prayers would lead to him what is best for him.

Translated by HM