Feb 17, 2011


We are going to the ALS clinic at UCLA.

With the help from MDA, we went to the ALS clinic at UCLA.
It went over one hour more than the scheduled time.
We could meet all different types of doctors then were consulted.
I was glad we went.

OPT, SPT, Main Dr., Breathing Dr.,

Weight : 105.5 lb
Height : 5' 6

We were told to think about sufficient nutrition by the speech therapist.
Hajime needs 2200kcal for a day.
We need to choose highly nutritious foods and he needs to eat every three hour
A gastrostomy tube was recommended.
It is up to Hajime when to have a surgery for it…but…

A respiratory doctor checked his breathing capacity.
Normal rate is 80 to 120%, but Hajime's is only 58%.
It seems his breathing is weakening.

We have the next appointment in May.

Translated by Ai Hongo

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