Nov 29, 2010

Difficult to speak

Our family went to a trip this week.

While he can move around... I know I am rushing. I want Hajime to do
as much as he can do now. But my restlessness may cause his heart
anxiety. So, as usual, the same as everyday we had....

During this trip, we went to the bowling. My son chose a smaller ball
because he could not use his left hand. Put it on his right hand, hold
it and throw it by his right hand... He seemed not being troubled
about this and enjoyed it. This sight does not leave my eyes.

I want him to have more joyful and playful time.

But one thing I care.
It is how he speak.

His disease progresses again. How he speaks is similar to a drunker's
way of speech. This has been noticed since this August, but by now
sometime we even do not understand what he says. I think my son is
afraid of admitting it by his own.

But he said this.
"I am talking as usual. But it sounds strange."

He noticed it by himself. He has told the saddest thing for him is not
being able to talk to. Now it comes true. It must be difficult for him
to accept the reality. I feel so sad seeing this. He is a boy, and
teenager. My son cannot talk straight and express things. He really
needs care for his heart.

This wednesday, he will have a counseling session again. I hope he can
express himself even a little bit.

It must be hard for him not being able to talk well...

Please God, do not take his words away!

Translated by STK

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