Sep 13, 2010

Left Hand of Hajime and after...

Left hand of my son became almost immobile now.

We had rehabilitation today together, but when I do it with him it is painful.
I think my son must have more difficult feeling with desperation, but
I could not stop my tears.

We met ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Specialist. As a result,
Hajime has diagnosed to have a motor neuron disease. It is a kind of
ALS, but it is too early to have the final diagnosis. We will wait
until January next year and judge from the progress.

My eldest son went back to Japan in the summer holidays. In this few
weeks he had a change how he talks. When I talked with him via Skype I
noticed it. And after he's back to the States, he still has it. It
sounds his tongue is shaken, and inarticulate. ALS specialist pointed
it out. But my son says "No, I am not, I talk just as normal." He does
not feel it, so it is difficult for us to judge.

If it is ALS, there are no way to stop its progress, still. It is too
painful seeing him being worse and worse.

He will be fine! It is not ALS!

What I can do is just believe it and our Lord.

Don't give up, my son!

Translated by STK

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